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Download your favorite videos from YouTube with this complete manager


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You can now download your favorite videos from the famous YouTube site with this powerful manager.

Normally, when you want to download a video from this network you have to install a program, then search for what video you want, copy the link, paste it into the app and start the downloading process. Well, this long and tedious way stops with Video Downloader Xtra. This app includes an interesting and complete explorer that lets you choose and download any video directly from the app, without having to go through the other complicated process.

Download as many videos as you want, simultaneously, and keep an eye on them with the download manager that’s included. You can also pick the output format, download the audio only or download the file into a smartphone and Video Downloader Xtra will turn it into the most compatible format.

Complete your multimedia files with this easy-to-use, intuitive and powerful app.
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